How Artificial Intelligence will impact the Middle East’s Business?

How Artificial Intelligence will impact the Middle East’s Business?

In the era of accelerated technological revolution in the Middle East, there can be seen a huge rising interest of government towards the adoption and implementation of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies. With the recent developments like formation of UAE State Ministry of Artificial Intelligence & UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy, Middle East Governments has proved that progress is not only characterised by new innovations, but also by their application and diffusion.

Artificial Intelligence is expected to contribute US$ 320 billion to the Middle East’s economy by 2030 with the market in the Middle East & Africa to reach US$ 114 million by 2021.

U.A.E. & Saudi Arabia is expected to feel the largest impact on GVA of US$ 130 billion & US$ 78 billion respectively. And, the most impacted industries predicted to be Public Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Transport.

Manufacturing & Construction is expected to gain the most from Artificial Intelligence. This sector will cover almost one third of artificial benefits in the region.

Artificial Intelligence can help Middle East in various industrial challenges like,

  • Volatile oil prices by analysing satelite images of crude oil supplies using Machine Learning
  • Climate Change by improving effeciency of coal-fired power plants
  • Water Scarcity by analysing soil type topography and weather records to identify water pipelines failure risks
  • AI can help managing traffic flows in real time conditions
  • Machine learning can be combines with satellite images to predict crop yields to combat food insecurity in the region

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