Pollution Control & Emissions Monitoring World Conference 2018

Recent release in guidelines for pollution monitoring systems shows the developing interest of Indian Central Pollution Control Board, Ministries, and State Governments towards the global issues of air quality, environment and climate change. With the current air pollutants index ranging from 300 – 400 in major cities of India, Government and pollution control boards are guiding the major industries for the installation of online effluent quality and emission monitoring systems to help tracking the discharges of pollutants so as to put the solutions in to action to rectify and improve the air quality in the region.

With this in mind, we are hosting the Pollution Control & Emission Monitoring Conference, which will bring together government dignitaries, world-class experts, industry professionals and academicians to understand and explore the solutions to increased air pollutants and how it can be applied in Indian environment and eco system.

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